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What is a Thumbnail Link?

So you’re wondering, what is a thumbnail link? Here’s a short guide. It’s an image link that’s usually a low-resolution version of a full-size image. You’ll want to create thumbnails that have a high-quality counterpart. The image should be free of any illegal or misleading content. If you want to put a thumbnail in your article, you’ll need to have the author’s permission to use it.

Thumbnail links are links that take users to a larger image from a page. A thumbnail image will display a small version of the larger image, with the large image opening in a separate window when clicked. This allows you to display the critical details in the thumbnail image. In order to create an image with a thumbnail link, your content should be 600 pixels wide or less. In addition, make sure to have a large enough image to show critical details giniloh.

To avoid being banned from using images, make sure to mention the author. Thumbnail images are covered by copyright law, so it’s important to give credit and obtain permission before using them. Regardless of how beautiful your content is, don’t try to copy other people’s work. You’ll end up breaking the law! The same is true for images. Make sure to give credit and indicate the source.

You can manually set the Facebook thumbnail size and make sure your post is 200 x 200 pixels. During technical difficulties, use the Facebook Object Debugger to see if the link is set correctly. If you’re experiencing an error when posting, use the URL of your page and try again. A Facebook post has a unique link. If it’s not working, you can try a new URL. When you have the page URL, simply enter it into the Object Debugger and try posting the link again bet6.

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