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Types of Golf Grips For Clubs

The different types of golf grips vary according to your swing. Some are oversized and help reduce the wrist action required for a proper swing. Others are simple and less abrasive. Golfers with oversized grips can also add extra layers of tape to their club shafts for additional support. Whatever your preferred style, you’ll find a golf grip that suits you perfectly. And don’t forget to keep your hands well-timed, as this is essential for controlling your golf shots.

Choosing the right golf grip will depend on your strength, stature, and comfort level. For left-handed players, reverse your hand positions on the club. Baseball bat grips are good for weak hands because they allow you to put more power into your swing but give you less control of the clubhead. Those with big hands may prefer soft grips. However, they can make you feel uncomfortable, and can aggravate any existing swing problems.

Cleaning your golf grips regularly is vital. Use mild dish soap or a brush to clean corded grips and rubber grips. Once the grips have been cleaned, rinse them in warm water and dry them on a clean towel. During this process, check the grips for wear and cracks. Pay close attention to hard or smooth areas. If you notice a lot of wear around your fingers, it might be time for new grips.

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