Tips to Shopping from Canada Computer Store

When you’re looking for a computer, you may be tempted to head to Canada Computers. Their name is well-known, and they are a popular retailer. However, you should be aware that their selection of computers and electronics is less than impressive. While the electronics department does have a decent selection, Canada Computers’ customer service is sub-par, and the selection isn’t as large as Amazon. Even so, Canada Computers has good reviews and fast shipping.


PC-Canada is one of Canada’s leading electronics retailers, and it offers a comprehensive commitment to its customers. For over a decade, PC-Canada has maintained an impressive record of customer satisfaction. Today, the company boasts more than 40,000 satisfied customers. For more information, visit PC-Canada’s website.

Canada Computers

The very first Canada Computers retail location was founded downtown in Kingston, Ontario, with a focus on providing high-quality products for university students at a student-friendly price. Striving to serve the great minds of our future, there was no better place to start than in Kingston, close to Queen’s University. With a strengthening customer base and ever increasing demand, the center quickly grew into a thriving business and expanded across Canada to a large number of equally wonderful locations.

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Canada Computers and Electronics is a retailer based in Ontario, Canada. It sells consumer electronics, personal computers, and IT supplies. It employs more than a thousand people and operates nearly 30 stores across the country. In total, Canada Computers and Electronics serves thousands of customers.

The company has a great reputation in the United States. It launched its Canadian site in October 2008. Many people were disappointed when it first launched, but the company is now working to improve the shopping experience for Canadian shoppers. The company is leveraging user reviews from its US site to make their Canadian site better than ever.

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