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The Worst Home Warranty Companies

Among the worst home warranty companies are those that do not follow the rules of transparency, details and communication. These companies fail to provide promised services on time and are rude to clients. In addition, many clients complain about the lack of customer support and unresponsiveness of these companies. Additionally, many clients report that these companies do not handle insurance claims in a professional and timely manner. In order to avoid these companies, consumers should read online reviews and seek advice from trusted sources.

Among the worst home warranty companies in recent history is American Home Guard. This company did not last long as a home warrant provider, although some confused it with its competitor American Home Shield. Now it is one of the most respected home warranty providers in the country and ranks #2 out of hundreds. But don’t be fooled by the name. There are several other home warranty companies that are not as reputable. Take a look at the following list to determine which one to avoid.

Dishonest home warranty companies may deny legitimate claims and give customers the run-around in an effort to prevent a refund. You can avoid these companies by examining the BBB rating and the length of time the company has been in business. If a company is too new, though, that doesn’t mean it’s unreliable. Check out customer reviews and ask your friends if they’ve had any good experiences with them.

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