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Solar energy can help you save money on your power bill, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to our planet’s future. But with so many options out there, choosing the right solar provider can be confusing.

A few important things to consider include the company’s equipment offerings, warranties, customer support services and perks. We’ve rounded up five solar providers near me that have received high marks for their equipment and service.

Momentum Solar

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Momentum Solar has made it their mission to make renewable energy more accessible for homeowners by offering easy-to-install systems. They install high-quality tier-one solar panels and Enphase batteries, and they also offer active monitoring services.

They work with cash purchases, loans, leases and PPAs to make it easier for property owners to go solar. They’re also familiar with state and federal incentives that can reduce your system costs.

They also offer a 25-year equipment and workmanship warranty to ensure your solar system is free of defects and the labor is up to par. These warranties are within the industry standard and come with peace of mind.

Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar offers a range of residential solar energy solutions. Its sales team works closely with customers to find a solar solution that fits their home and budget.

It also has a signature financing program that requires no money down for the first 18 months. This allows customers to see big savings on their electric bill right away.

The company also offers a 10-year workmanship warranty and a two-year production guarantee. The latter is not quite as good as it sounds, though, because it only covers 85% of your estimated production film indir mobil.

Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar is a clean energy company that focuses on a variety of services. Its team of experts handles solar panel design, permitting, inspection, installation and more.

Trinity also offers a range of financing options to help homeowners get started on the solar energy path. These include $0 upfront costs, solar loans (loans), power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar leases.

They also offer net metering, which allows homeowners to store extra solar energy that their systems create so they can use it later on. This can save them money on their electricity bills in the long run.


Sunrun is a solar company that offers homeowners the option to lease or purchase their systems. This type of service, known as solar-as-service, gives homeowners access to clean energy without the high upfront costs.

Homeowners who choose to lease their solar systems from Sunrun enjoy benefits such as “bumper-to-bumper” coverage and monitoring, insurance and a performance guarantee. Those who buy outright have to rely on their manufacturers’ warranties.

Customers who opt for a solar lease should check their electricity bill to understand how much the monthly payment will be. This is especially important to know because they’ll likely experience a rate increase over time (known as an escalator).

Tesla Energy

Tesla Energy provides solar panels, battery storage systems like Powerwall and Powerpack, as well as energy management tools. Its products are designed to supplement home power needs with sustainable energy, while also providing backup for homeowners when there’s a grid outage or low sunlight weather.

Its solar installation process starts with a virtual survey that involves going over your energy usage, rooftop and geography. Then, a representative will create a design that meets your specific solar needs while you stay involved throughout the process.

Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar is a leading company that helps homeowners switch to renewable energy. Its end-to-end approach includes personalized installation and support throughout the process.

Currently, the company services 24 states plus Washington, DC. Its consultants work with you to understand your energy needs and explore tax incentives and credit opportunities that could help you save money

The company uses Q Cells panels, inverters from SolarEdge and Enphase, and batteries from Sonnen. Its panels have a 25-year equipment warranty and its inverters come with a 12-year guarantee.

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