Maximizing Your Tools In Moonlight Sculptor: An Extensive Guide

Moonlight Sculptor players need to invest a lot of effort in activities related to equipment such as obtaining, improving and changing attributes. Nonetheless, newcomers often struggle to figure out how to start. For this reason, the Redfinger Android emulator platform has kindly created a guide to help. Its main goal is to make things easier and help beginners understand the complexities of equipment management.


Using reinforcement as a way to increase desired behaviors is a popular tactic in many different fields. This technique works by providing positive reinforcement after desired behaviors are expressed, such as rewards or praise. Strengthening behaviors through positive reinforcement is an effective way to foster desired behaviors.

Enhancing your equipment begins by reinforcing it. The Moonlight Sculptor presents the concept of blessed reinforcement scrolls, which may be used for up to three levels of improvement. It’s essential to remember that even if the reinforcement fails, your gear will not dip beneath +10 if it began at that level. Moreover, reinforcement protection stones may be employed to ward off any downgrade should the attempt fail.

Inheriting Improvements

It is possible to take advantage of gains due to inheriting enhancements that can be applied to various areas. This can be an effective way to develop other areas, by taking advantage of progressions which have already been made.

Once you hit +10 or higher with your gear, you can take advantage of enhancement inheritance. This will enable you to move the enhancement levels from one piece of equipment to an identical one. It’s important to remember that the equipment getting the inheritance must have a higher level than the one which is providing it. Moreover, the two items must be of the same kind. Moonlight Sculptor offers a minimum inheritance enhancement setting, influencing the expenditure of resources like water, gold coins, and moonstones.

Taking Apart

The process of dismantling can be referred to as taking apart. This action involves separating the component parts of a whole object or wotpost structure.

It is advantageous to take apart unneeded gear to gain materials for creation and improvement of equipment. By picking the preferred rank of items to dismantle, it is possible to dismantle all equipment of that rank. Nevertheless, be careful when taking apart uncommon or legendary equipment to make sure they are not mistakenly discarded.

Transformation of Attributes is a process that involves altering certain aspects of an attribute to make it more suitable for the intended purpose. This alteration can be done in terms of the shape, size, and other features of the attribute.

In Moonlight Sculptor, if you wish to alter the features of your equipment, you can do so through the attribute transformation function. By investing currency, it is possible to adjust the attributes of the specified gear. As a result of the transformation, all attributes will be rearranged randomly from the attribute directory.

Granting of Attributes

You can give extra attributes to your gear through attribute bestowal. To do this, you will have to choose the equipment and attribute stones you want and then use moonstones of the same level as the equipment, gold coins, and equipment level. Moonstones can be obtained by dismantling or crafted at the crafting table available in some villages.


Making alterations to enhance the quality of something can be referred to as refinement. Another word for it is improving.

Sharpening your gear is a huge benefit in improving its performance. When you’re able to refine equipment which is at an enhancement level of 10 or more, not only does it increase its base stats, but it also reduces the weight. This can give you a considerable edge in your expeditions.

The development of equipment has advanced substantially over time. It has gone through a progression of changes, resulting in the modern-day instruments we use today.

Equipment evolution is an interesting feature in Moonlight Sculptor that lets you upgrade your gear to myth-grade. This can be accomplished by visiting the NPC Talrok in the Somuren Free City, but your character must be level 200 or above and you must own eligible equipment from the Chaos or Ares series. Moreover, you will need materials like Hades’ Soul Stone, Obsidian, Abyssal Magic Crystal, and gold coins to make the evolution possible. Hades’ Soul Stone can be crafted from black fragments, orange moonstones, and gold coins. These materials can be obtained from daily quests, raids, chaos gates, twisted abyss, boss battles, and elsewhere.

Enhancing Equipment to Mythic Level

Once you have attained myth-grade equipment, you have the ability to boost its performance. To do this, you must utilize either myth-grade weapon enhancement scrolls or myth-grade armor enhancement scrolls that have been made from blessed weapon/armor enhancement scrolls. It is important to be aware that myth-grade equipment can not be put into the storage box or exchanged. Nevertheless, the additional attributes of the crafted material equipment will be transferred to the myth-grade equipment. Bear in mind that there is a possibility of the enhancement level going down if the enhancement is unsuccessful, however, you can avoid this by using enhancement protection stones.

Elevation of Characteristic Transformation

The Moonlight Sculptor offers an exclusive component which allows players to upgrade their accessories with certain characteristics. This activity requires a determined amount of butterflies to be used. The properties produced during this conversion are picked out randomly, giving the equipment you have an extra layer of thrill and customization.

Achieving excellence is possible through enhancement of performance. This can be done by implementing measures to raise the standard of output.

In order to improve the quality of your equipment that is Hero-grade or higher, Moonlight Sculptor provides the Quality Improvement feature. This process requires the expenditure of the appropriate quantity of whetstones, orange moonstones, and gold coins. The current enhancement stage, additional attributes, and enhancement effects will not be changed, so you can upgrade the quality of your gear without losing its existing enhancements.

Redesigning of Gear

Players can convert specific pieces of equipment into other items of the same quality from different series by utilizing equipment transformation. The transformation necessitates a specific amount of transformation tickets. All the enhancement stage, additional options, enhancement effects, refinement stage, and masterwork options will remain the same during this process. It is essential to remember that the items are not reversible after the transformation, so one must be careful in their selection.

Upgrading of Equipment

This is an activity that involves bringing the gear up to date with the latest models available. It is a process of revamping the equipment to ensure that it is in line with the current technology. Additionally, it helps to boost performance and maximize efficiency.

Moonlight Sculptor provides an equipment upgrade alternative for those looking for a more powerful item. By consuming a set number of Abyssal Magic Crystals, special items, obsidian, and gold coins, you can upgrade your partially improved equipment to a higher-tier variant. The gear will be bound and un-tradeable after the upgrade, but the enhancement stage, additional attributes, and effects will remain the same, making it an easy switch to your improved equipment.

Ending Remarks

In order to acquire potent equipment in Moonlight Sculptor, it is important to be patient. Although these instructions can help you save time, having patience is paramount. To get more Moonlight Sculptor guides, you can check out the Redfinger official website.

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