Importance of Having a Solid Understanding of How Comparative Negligence Operates 

Suppose you want to pursue financial compensation after suffering life-changing injuries in a car accident. In that case, you will need to demonstrate that the other motorist was negligent in order to do so. In other words, you will need to show that the other driver was at fault. Attorneys who specialize in cases involving motor vehicle collisions in the state of Iowa are able to review your situation and provide counsel regarding whether or not you have a valid claim and whether or not you may be eligible to seek damages. You can speak to lawyers from Turco Legal to get help. 

How is fault decided?

In the aftermath of an automobile accident in Iowa, the state of Iowa employed a modified version of the comparative fault rule known as the 51% rule. This method is used to determine who was more negligent. This states that if you wish to file a claim against the other motorist, your degree of guilt must be less than fifty percent. In other words, you cannot be to blame for more than half of the accident. In the event that it is established that your level of responsibility for the accident was 51% or higher, you will not be entitled to file a claim for damages.

However, if you are determined to be less than 51% responsible for the incident, the amount of damages you are entitled to may still be reduced. This is the case even if you are found to be less than 51% liable for the occurrence. Imagine for a second if you were traveling on Interstate 235 and were colliding with another vehicle. In the event that the other vehicle was determined to have done an improper lane change, but it was discovered that you were speeding, this might be taken into consideration in your case, which might potentially restrict the amount of compensation that you are entitled to receive as a result of the accident.

Why seek help?

You must seek the assistance of a legal professional when you have suffered significant injuries. If you want to be compensated for your losses in a more substantial manner, you will need to establish that the other party was more careless than you were.

If you have suffered severe injuries as a result of an automobile accident in the state of Iowa, the outcome of your negligence claim may be determined by a number of different criteria. 

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