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How to Find a Female CPA Near Me

If you are interested in becoming a female CPA, you will want to look for a firm near you. In order to locate one, you should first find out how to use Google Maps. By entering “female CPA near me,” you will see red dots or mini-pins, indicating the closest locations. The results will display the highest search volume and shortest distance to your location. Then, you can choose from these listings and contact them to set up an appointment factnewsph

Alternatively, you can join a professional network and meet other women in the same profession. Lady CPA Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of African American women in the field of accounting and finance. This network provides educational support, mentoring, and networking opportunities for women in the profession. By joining the network, you will be able to network with other members, improve your professional and personal net worth, and learn more about your career.

In 1897, New York State enacted laws to allow women to become CPAs. A few years later, the number of female CPAs tripled to 360. Although women are still a relatively small percentage, they have an influence on the profession, and you can learn more about them by visiting the AICPA Library. For example, a female CPA near you can provide guidance to women who are interested in becoming a CPA partyguise

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