How Durable Are Human Hair Wigs?

Is this a question many individuals have in their minds and are looking for a definitive solution?

However, because it depends on how you view your wig, it truly is highly personal.

If you take proper care of your original wigs, they can endure for two to three years instead of the typical one year that 100% real wigs have. (Cheap Lace Front Human Hair Wigs)

The lifespan of a human hair wig depends on a variety of things. And these 4 factors have a big impact on them:

There are several varieties of human hair wigs available, including:

  • A lace-front wig
  • A full-lace wig
  • An old-school lace wig
  • Front 360-degree lace wig
  • Hand-tied wigs that don’t require glue

Each product’s longevity is influenced by its production process and the raw materials utilized. Different base materials have varying degrees of stability; therefore, this has a significant impact.

Handmade wigs generally last less time than wigs created by machines. A good wig should thicken after nine to twelve months, even if it is well-fitted.

Your hair type should also be taken into account. A longer shelf life may be expected for unprocessed Remy hair. Flake-free hair, on the other hand, needs more upkeep and requires more treatments to keep its length.

Remy has long hair

The length and style of the wig are other factors to take into account. Since it frequently has an impact on longevity.

For instance, a shoulder dryer will only last for a short time as a wig that has been cropped or cut. (Cheap Lace Front Human Hair Wigs)

Fiber interaction also leads to wear, regardless of how unclean or knotted your hair is. That is why maintaining your wig is so crucial!

This explains why your short human hair wigs are always longer than your tall ones.

Hair color

Less upkeep is required for haircuts with darker colors. More upkeep is needed for hair that is light-colored and curly. Your virgin human hair wig’s longevity will be impacted by this. However, they endure for 3-6 months with proper care, which is a wig’s typical lifespan. A great wig is one that is straight and black in color.

Be cautious

Care and attention are essential for long-term wig usage. Additionally, it is based on how properly you preserve the wig.

To properly care for your wig, you must adhere to a few rules.

  • How you wash your wig is a crucial consideration. Utilizing shampoo and conditioner devoid of sulfates is crucial.
  • It’s crucial to style your wig properly. The majority of wigs come already fashioned; if not, you’ll need to contact a hairdresser before wearing one.
  • You must comprehend how hair is safeguarded. If you wear your mannequin or foam head frequently, placing a wig on it will keep it looking excellent.
  • A wig’s lifespan might be shortened by frequent washing and styling. If not otherwise stated, wash your wig after at least ten applications. (Cheap Lace Front Human Hair Wigs)
  • Taking care of a human hair wig is explained here. Give him more time to serve!

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