How Do College Football Teams Travel From School to School?

How do college football teams travel from school to university? A team that plays in a rivalry may travel thousands of miles each season to practice and play a game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make the trip in comfort. The traveling players usually fly on charter flights, which are often luxury aircraft. NFL teams typically travel in groups of almost 200 people to a single game. Redshirt players, on the other hand, must make do with non-travel status and will often work as opponents on look-teams.

Traditionally, college football teams have flown to and from away games by plane. But this year, the Illinois football team will be taking a bus to Iowa. In the past, they flew on a 26-minute charter to Iowa, and they’ll most likely be busing to Wisconsin next year. Tim Knox, the Illinois assistant athletic director, explained that he resisted offers from the major airlines, so he chose to purchase a charter plane for the team.

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The road trip for the team is based on how far the team has to travel to reach its next opponent. In the Big Ten, the team will travel the farthest, with four games outside their conference against Fresno State, Rutgers, and Memphis. As for the conference schedule, teams will be traveling a few hundred miles each week, averaging about 450 miles per week.

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