Everything You Need To Know About Freestanding Bathtubs

Bathtubs are an essential component of a modern bathroom. In the earlier days, they were attached to the wall to provide support. But with the change in lifestyle and development in production methods, freestanding bathtub is becoming popular. As the name suggests, they indicate standing alone and not being attached to a wall. They are also commonly referred to as stand-alone bathtubs.

Benefits of stand-alone bathtubs

Unlike the alcove tubs, they are finished on both sides. Since they are not attached to a wall, one can buy a freestanding bathtub years after a bathroom is constructed and remove them whenever required. It gives people the flexibility to free up space whenever needed.

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Freestanding bathtubs come in various styles.

Double-ended tubs- Such tubs have two slopes on both ends, preventing water from flowing. These are the opposite of single-ended tubs, which have plumbing at one of the ends.

Slip tubs- Their use is becoming popular in modern bathrooms due to their ability to create an elevation at one end. They can be raised so that the head can be rested comfortably. Such bathtubs are widely used in therapy and spa centres. They can be grown on both ends in the case of double-slipper tubs.

Claw tub- As the name suggests, the bathtub is supported by four feet or claws on the bottom. This helps the tub to stand freely without falling. They were popular in the 19th century and are still in use due to their ability to create a traditional look in the bathroom.

Corner bathtubs- Such bathtubs are widely used in bathrooms with little space. These tubs are triangular, with the two straight sides fitted in the corner. They are not attached to any wall but, at times, require the support of a wall.

Bathtubs with shower- A shower can be installed to make the bathtub multipurpose. A circular shower rod can be installed along with the curtains. This saves a lot of space since most bathrooms are designed so that the shower area differs from the bathtub location.

Deep soaking tubs- They are famous for their length. They are deep enough to cover the shoulders of a person. They are circular or oval. They originated in Japan in massage centres. They have smaller areas than others, so tall people do not prefer such tubs.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing stand-alone bathtubs.

Budget- Look for bathtubs that fall under your budget. Bathtubs that are simple and minimalist are less expensive. On the other hand, vintage and antique bathtubs are costly as they are high in demand among the upper class.

Dimensions of the bathroom- Always measure the bathroom dimensions where the bathtub will be placed. Purchasing without knowing which type of tub is best suited is no use. For instance, corner bathtubs are suited for small bathrooms as they do not take up much space. If one has a lot of space in their bathroom, bathtubs with showers can be installed. Such bathtubs require a separate area from the rest of the bathroom worldkingnews.

Weight of the bathtub- If one is not looking for a permanent location for the bathtub, it is best advised to look out for lightweight tubs. Since they can be moved easily from place to place, they provide the flexibility to change the bathroom’s appearance. It also depends on the bathroom floor. Heavy materials like marble can damage the floor if the floor is delicate. Hence, all these factors must be carefully evaluated before purchasing.

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