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Civ 6 Anthology Price History

If you’re interested in a quick history of Civ 6’s price history, read this article. In the past, we’ve highlighted the top releases, such as the Platinum Edition and the New Frontier Pass. But what’s the current price? And how can you find the best deal? Below, we’ll look at the price history of the Civ 6 Anthology. If you’re new to the franchise, it may be worth picking up the Platinum Edition instead. Completists, however, may not benefit as much from the current sale. anonig

In the case of the Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Anthology, you can get all six DLC packs for the game. You’ll also get all six expansions, including Rise and Fall. You’ll also receive the full New Frontier Pass, which offers more content than the base game alone. And since the entire package includes several DLC packs, you can save money by buying the Anthology instead of the individual components tinyzonetv

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