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A5 Wagyu Steak at Costco

It is possible to get Japanese A5 Wagyu steak at Costco. However, you should be aware that this meat is expensive. The Japanese grading scale differs from the USDA’s. Authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu can be purchased from reputable sources such as meat distributors and restaurants. A5 Wagyu costco is definitely a once in a blue moon experience for foodies.

To avoid getting duped into buying inferior beef, always read the label. Walmart’s Wagyu is not genuine Japanese. It is a crossbreed of American cattle. According to the USDA, the meat must contain at least 46% Wagyu genetics for it to be sold as such in retail stores. Authentic Wagyu, LLC procures its cuts from USDA approved Japanese processing facilities.

A5 Japanese Wagyu is the highest quality beef in Japan. Its buttery flavor and smooth texture make it a stand-alone meat. To ensure its freshness and quality, you should only buy A5 Japanese Wagyu from Japan. Kagoshima prefecture produces about 20% of Japan’s top-grade A5 Wagyu. Kagoshima Wagyu has been awarded the title of Best Beef at the 2017 Olympic Games.

When buying Japanese Wagyu at Costco, make sure you look for the seal of authenticity. You’ll find a nose print certificate with the animal identification number. The Japanese government has a website where you can research the animal’s history. The EC Wilson Meat Co. in Lynnwood, Washington, harvested Akitaro, a castrated male born in Kagoshima, and scored an A5+ marbling score.

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